Electric Tankless Heater Design, Application and Pitfalls Webinar

This course will highlight technology and product differences across the industry for electric tankless water heaters, including product level components, operation, and system impact.  By better understanding how the products work, we can specify them more accurately and avoid field failures from misapplication.   

Content Outline: 

Variations in tankless designs across the market – 20 minutes
How do the variations impact product performance – 20 minutes
Potential pitfalls of designs based on application – 10 minutes
Application considerations and product specification – 10 minutes


Learning Objectives:

Upon successful completion of the course learners will be able to:

  1. Understand operation and component requirements of electric tankless water heaters
  2. Explain the operation differences between designs in the market and what is the impact to the system and installation from these differences
  3. Avoid misapplication of tankless products leading to longer product life in the field.
  4. Identify the impact of component options of these products on acceptable applications and where different configurations are acceptable to use
  5. Appropriately specify tankless designs based on application and demand

This webinar is FREE for ASPE Members due to the generous sponsorship of Hubble Water Heaters.

Hubbell Water Heaters

The webinar is being held on November 19 at 1 pm CDT and awards 0.1 CEUs for participation. This webinar is sponsored by Hubbell Water Heaters and they will receive the names and email addresses of registered attendees from the live broadcast.


ASPE Members - Free
Nonmembers - $130

David Tvergyak

Regional Sales Manager

David Tvergyak has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Grove City College and has worked within the heating and control space since 2005.  He began in the industry as a sales application engineer for one of the leading manufacturers of electric heating and control components.  From there worked in roles ranging from Sales Engineer up to District Sales Engineering Manager prior to joining Hubbell Heaters in 2017 as a Regional Sales Manager. 


Electric Tankless Heater Design, Application and Pitfalls Webinar
Select the "View On-Demand Recording" button to begin.  |  60 minutes
Select the "View On-Demand Recording" button to begin.  |  60 minutes You can log on to the broadcast 15 minutes early.
5 Questions  |  3 attempts  |  3/5 points to pass
5 Questions  |  3 attempts  |  3/5 points to pass
Post-webinar Survey
6 Questions
0.10 CEUs credits  |  Certificate available
0.10 CEUs credits  |  Certificate available