Greetings CPD Credential Holders,

The process for renewing your CPD credential has changed since you last recertified. You'll now login to ASPE Education to process your CPD recertification. Please review the following steps to ensure your CPD recertification is processed properly. You'll have to submit any external and third-party CEU certificates prior to April 30 of your cycle's expiration date and have them approved by the Credentialing Committee.

You need a total of 240 points (24 hours / 2.4 CEUs) to fulfill the point requirements. Up to 50% can come from external education providers. A minimum of 50% of your CEUs must be from ASPE, an ASPE Chapter, or an ASPE approved CEU provider.  

  1. After logging in to ASPE Education (more info here for help), visit My Education and then Certifications.
  2. There you'll see your earned CPD recertification.
  3. You must enroll in the recertification (click Recertify button in green, then Enroll in blue) and then proceed below. This will not appear until December 1.
  4. If you earned 100% of your CEUs through ASPE and they appear on your Transcript (login required) then you can skip the next step. Hint: if 100% of your credits were issued by the Society (webinars, workshops, conferences, RLE articles) then your recertification will be must faster and you can skip step 5. 
  5. If you have external credits to submit review these steps:
    1. If you are submitting credits from an ASPE Chapter or approved CEU provider visit this page to submit once all courses you plan to submit for recertification. This will be a sum of all CEUs you're submitting. There you'll submit documentation once for all chapter meetings or approved trainings. As a reminder, a list of approved providers and courses can be found here.
    2. If you are submitting external credits from sources other than an ASPE Chapter or approved CEU provider visit this page to submit up to 1.2 CEUs or 12 hours. There you'll submit documentation once for all courses you're submitting. This will be a sum of all CEUs you're submitting. 
  6. The final step is to submit the recertification fee and acknowledge the terms.
    1. Required: Once you're ready, and before your April 30 deadline, proceed to submit payment here by adding this to your cart then complete registration by submitting payment. 
    2. Optional: After submitting payment click View Product (or direct link here). It will then prompt you to select Read Terms, where you will then sign the Applicant Affirmation.
  7. Then return to Certifications.

At any point you can print and download a copy of your certificate provided that your CPD credential does not expire. If you have any questions please reach out to