Drones in the Industry - Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Recorded On: 05/14/2019

Drones - Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) – Toys, Tools or Both.

Presenter: Kevin Kimmel, PE

Not just a kids toy anymoreGone are the days of outrageously expensive aerial shoots involving hiring a plane and pilot as well as a photographer or videographer and dealing with the complex logisticsEvery building, roadway, bridge, or complex we design becomes a valuable asset to our clients, and managing these assets requires detailed information, metrics, and data to ensure a long life.  From detailed building assessments to construction administration, UAS equipment is able to capture views that enable us to provide better service and design, often more quickly and at reduced cost. This new tool doesn’t change the expertise required to advise our clients, but it does have the potential to make our jobs dramatically easier, safer, and better for the end user.

A snapshot of the tasks aided by UAS application:

• aerial photography and videography
• a visual aid for clients
• photometric land survey
• GIS mapping integration
• 3D stockpile analysis
• visual, thermal, and multispectral inspection
• point cloud 3D mapping
• remote real time inspection

Kevin is a Senior Fire Protection Engineer at Clark Nexsenand FAA registered Remote Pilot. Kevin is a member of the NFPA 2400 technical committee on Unmanned Aerial Systems use by fire service and law enforcement. He will review hobby drones, piloting rules, UAS applications for the A/E market and the logistics of how to introduce UAS into your company’s toolbox.


Drones In The Industry
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