The History of Cast Iron Soil Pipe and Associated Standards

Recorded On: 10/27/2019

In this presentation, the presenters will show off different piping systems and cultures from the distant past and how they formed the basis for what we make today. Innovations that were important and unusual facts that surround piping over the years will also be covered. We will also touch on the codes and standards that protect the product integrity and quality as well as the ingredients and processes that make the cast iron DWV system. We also will discuss the state of the current system as it relates to how we use the DWV system today and look for participation as it concerns the future.


Bob Taylor has been involved with the plumbing industry since 1991 as a distributor, product representative, and technical services for manufacturing direct. Focused on the cast iron DWV system over the past 11 years, he is also on the ASTM A04 and E05 Committees and currently works as a Technical Services Manager for both Tyler and AB&I iron foundries. He strives to improve awareness, value, and product benefit of this plumbing system. He attended Winona State and St. Cloud State in Minnesota with an emphasis on chemistry. Today, he enjoys spending time with his family and fishing when he can. He also enjoys sharing what he’s learned over his career with others and appreciates the opportunity to meet new and exciting people all over the country. ASPE has been a great engine for his personal and professional growth.


Wendell Young has been working in the plumbing industry for 20 years, with most of that time in the industry spent with two large mechanical and plumbing contractors based in the Denver market. He is currently a Western Regional Technical Services Manager with the McWane Plumbing Group. He has taught this course, along with other CEU-approved presentations, over the past year and brings a wealth of real-world experience, knowledge, and practice to this session based on his years on the contractor side of the industry.

This session was recorded at the 2019 Tech Symposium in Pittsburgh, PA.


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