Plumbing Designers: Maintaining Specifications for Your Clients

Plumbing Designers: Maintaining Specifications for Your Clients

Learning objectives and topics of discussion will include the following: 

  • Understanding the greatest threat to energy savings and efficiency and avoiding the pitfalls of over-design
  • Use of the sizing methods per the Plumbing Engineering Design Handbook, Volume 2 (2018–19), Chapter 5, pp. 66–75 (70% scientific-proven method of pump sizing)
  • Use of the 80/20 rule and why it matters, including the proper use of Hunter's diversity curves and proper application 
  • Understanding the energy savings and duty cycle, including proper selection of the booster system, not sizing based on “what if or if perhaps?”
  • How plumbing engineers and designers can retain building owner clients moving forward by strengthening their skills and eliminating costly mistakes and change orders

Understanding the difference between cost and ownership or the real cost, not just bid day cost, including how to calculate ownership cost and why it’s more important than bid day cost to the contractor Ed Ross is the VP of Sales and the Northeast Regional Sales Manager at QuantumFlo Inc., with 30+ years of sales experience in the plumbing/HVAC industry, including domestic water pressure booster sales and retail plumbing sales; HVAC sales including steam piping systems, pumps, and design; wastewater pump sales; fire pump sales and start-up experience; and water heater and boiler sales. He was a previous adjunct faculty at Point Park University – Sales and Marketing.

This session was recorded at the 2019 Tech Symposium in Pittsburgh, PA.


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