LEED v4, v4.1, and Other Green Programs

Recorded On: 10/26/2019

This presentation will go over some water-related credits of various LEED and other green programs and how to achieve them. It will look at differences and similarities between LEED, the WELL Building Standard, and the Green Globes. The presentation will cover new changes in LEED v4, what buildings LEED v4.1 targets, what water items are in the Green Globes, what water items are in the WELL Building Standard, why each program is used over another, and how to achieve the building certification.


Sarah Balz has been with Affiliated Engineers Inc., a global engineering consulting firm, for almost 20 years since earning her bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering in 1996. Sarah has become responsible for the design of large-scale, technically complex building projects for federal government, higher education, and pharma/biotech clients. A member of AEI’s Water Stewardship team, Sarah researches and proposes new and unique solutions to energy and water conservation for her clients’ projects. She has contributed to a number of LEED projects. Sarah is an active member of ASPE, holding office leadership positions, including Chair of the Women of ASPE special-interest group and her past Chapter Presidency role, and contributing to the ASPE Plumbing Engineering Design Handbook.

This session was recorded at the 2019 Tech Symposium in Pittsburgh, PA.


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